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adventure: cuba libre cupcakes

ingredients: all the usuals but there is coca cola in the cake mixture, which makes it really gooey and caramely and rum in the butter icing which is yum! Topped with lime fruit pastels.

inspiration: the recipe is from Cupcakes Galore


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adventure: my birthday tea party

ingredients: chocolate cream cake, mini cream cheese and salmon bagels, cucumber sandwiches on milk loaf, mini plain and sultana scones with jam and cream, darjeeling tea, chums

inspiration: the cake was based on a black forest gateau recipe in The Prawn Cocktail Years, i just put raspberry jam in instead of cherry goop. The milk loaf was from the Guardian Book of Baking and took hours to make but was definitely worth it. Mini things…just taste better than unmini things. I was extremely stuffed after this, and everyone took home a party bag with the leftovers! Ooh and I finally got to use my plastic flower placemats that I got in the pound shop, and my yellow melamine tea set. Hurrah for birthdays!

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adventure: from top – raspberry yoghurt cupcakes, wholemeal fruit muffins, strawberry and peach jam filled cupcakes and flapjacks

ingredients: sugary, buttery, eggy, jammy goodness!

inspiration: cupcake recipes are from Cupcakes Galore, muffins are from The Big Book of Bread and flapjacks are based on this recipe although I just mixed the date goop into the oaty bits. I am not going back to flapjacks without flour!

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adventure(s): cupcake mountain, mini bunting card, nautical apron and nautical wrapping!

ingredients: too many!

inspiration: little sister’s 21st birthday tea! The cupcake mountain was the second cake i made, as the first was a disaster. It is made from 12 cupcakes, stuck together with chocolate icing and covered with more of the same, with the leftover chocolate stuck in wherever there was a space. When we sang happy birthday the flag burnt down – very dramatic! The bunting on the card is really tiny, only about 1.5cm across. The tape stuck accross the bottom is from accessorize – i am addicted to mini tape. The apron i bought from a charity shop for 70p and i embellished it with an anchor with a baby blue rick rack chain, navy blue polka dot ribbon and gold nautical buttons, also from the charity shop. I wrapped it up in the instructions from a vintage pattern, more of the ribbon and another nautical button. Phew!

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adventure: mushroom and chestnut buns and parcels of snake beans with spiced peanuts

ingredients: flour, baking powder, peanut oil, sugar, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, chestnuts, soy sauce, spring onions, coriander, green beans, roasted peanuts, lime juice, red onion

inspiration: this is another recipe from Steam it. It was fairly time consuming because of all the preparation needed but the end result was worth it!

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adventure: sticky fig and hazelnut puddings

ingredients: toasted hazelnuts, orange juice, dried figs, ginger, cinnamon, orange zest, bicarb, butter, soft brown sugar, self raising flour, honey, marscapone to serve

inspiration: the recipe is from a book called Steam it which i got out of the library. They are assembled by putting a blob of honey (the recipe called for maple syrup but i didn’t have any) and a piece of dried fig into a ramekin and then adding the pudding mixture. I don’t have ramekins but i do have silicone cupcake cases, so i divided the mixture between 12 of these instead of 6 ramekins. I wasn’t sure how different a steamed pudding would taste from a baked one but it makes a really moist and sticky texture that you don’t necessarily get with baking. They were absolutely delicious, but they were very rich and one is enough even though they look small!

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adventure: raspberry breakfast muffins

ingredients: self raising flour, butter, milk, sugar, frozen raspberries, eggs

inspiration: another recipe from The Big Book of Bread. Very muffiny!

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