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adventure: felt eggy people and easter bunting

ingredients: felt in various colours, rick rack, duck trim, wooden egg cups, lots of fabric glue, embroidery thread, stuffing, fabric scraps, calico, string, mini pegs

inspiration: springtime, even though it snowed yesterday! The eggy people are easter gifts for my family – i just wanted an excuse to buy the wooden egg cups which were only £2 for 4 in Woolies! Meeper and I made the Easter bunting from scraps of fabric and felt. I am now really excited about bunting and have all sorts of plans including mini bunting! Happy Easter!


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adventure: mushroom and chestnut buns and parcels of snake beans with spiced peanuts

ingredients: flour, baking powder, peanut oil, sugar, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, chestnuts, soy sauce, spring onions, coriander, green beans, roasted peanuts, lime juice, red onion

inspiration: this is another recipe from Steam it. It was fairly time consuming because of all the preparation needed but the end result was worth it!

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adventure: sticky fig and hazelnut puddings

ingredients: toasted hazelnuts, orange juice, dried figs, ginger, cinnamon, orange zest, bicarb, butter, soft brown sugar, self raising flour, honey, marscapone to serve

inspiration: the recipe is from a book called Steam it which i got out of the library. They are assembled by putting a blob of honey (the recipe called for maple syrup but i didn’t have any) and a piece of dried fig into a ramekin and then adding the pudding mixture. I don’t have ramekins but i do have silicone cupcake cases, so i divided the mixture between 12 of these instead of 6 ramekins. I wasn’t sure how different a steamed pudding would taste from a baked one but it makes a really moist and sticky texture that you don’t necessarily get with baking. They were absolutely delicious, but they were very rich and one is enough even though they look small!

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adventure: envelope back cushion cover

ingredients: calico, white thread, cushion

inspiration: when this chair gets sat on, it gets sat on for a long time and thus, the minimalist cushion was born to soften the experience. It’s made from scraps of calico from a leftover project and i think it wins the award for most used craft!

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adventure: paper doll dress

ingredients: lilac and cream felt, scraps of vintage pillowcase, embroidery floss, buttons, rickrack, miniature pegs, string, card

inspiration: the pattern for the dress is by Alicia Paulson in the book Softies: 25 instructions for plush pals and i made it for mummer for mother’s day. I designed the washing line scene for it to hang on. I sewed a pinked rectangle of felt onto some cardboard using my machine, added buttons and made holes for the string washing line. Luckily i had just the right pegs for the job!

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adventure: raspberry breakfast muffins

ingredients: self raising flour, butter, milk, sugar, frozen raspberries, eggs

inspiration: another recipe from The Big Book of Bread. Very muffiny!

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