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adventure: lopping the sleeves of a polka dot dress

ingredients: scissors, bias binding

inspiration: the dress was handmade by mummer quite a few years ago but the sleeves had always been a bit restrictive. I chopped them off and sewed white bias binding round the raw edges. Not the most exciting adventure but i was really proud of how neatly i sewed the binding on, it’s the first time i’ve got it looking that good!


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chai tea bags

chai tea bags 2

adventure: chai bath tea bags

ingredients: green tea, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, white cotton, string, vintage wallpaper, calico, tracing paper

inspiration: the idea comes from Making Stuff: an alternative craft book (one of my projects was published in this book, ‘brazen barbie bling’ on p.53), the project is by Susan Beal. I made the teabags as instructed in the book and then got busy packaging them! Each teabag is individually wrapped in an origami envelope made from tracing paper or vintage wallpaper and tied into bundles with string. I then made a drawstring bag from calico, and made a tag for the bag by sewing a pinked square of wallpaper onto a square of card. As a finishing touch, i cut out a flower from the wallpaper and threaded the drawstring through the centre. Phew!

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pesto bread

adventure: pesto whirls

ingredients: flour, yeast, water, salt, oil, pesto

inspiration: the recipe is from The Big Book of Bread and is basically just some risen dough rolled out into a rectangle, spread with pesto, rolled up, risen again, and baked. Delicious! 

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royal slippers

adventure: the royal slippers

ingredients: rowan cotton dk (lilac) and rowan cashmerino 4ply (pink)

inspiration: if you have ever stayed in a travelodge for more than one night at a time you will know that it can be a bit of a dreary experience, so the next time i have the pleasure of staying i will have these extravagant slippers to brighten things up! They are worked in moss stitch and are just a rectangle with a few decreases at the end. The pink edging is crocheted in picot stitch and the pom pom i made with a device from my pom pom animal kit. All i need now is a little bag to keep them in…

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raisin rolls

adventure: raisin rolls

ingredients: flour, yeast, sugar, cinnamon, butter, sultanas, icing sugar glaze

inspiration: the recipe is from Supercooks home baking and they do indeed have the “unusual crispy coating” mentioned in the recipe. They are the perfect accompaniment to coffee and a long journey.  

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eggy panda

adventure: super eggy fun pretty panda! (egg cozy kit)

ingredients: black and white felt, thread, pink ribbon

inspiration: i made this egg cozy kit for meeper’s christmas present complete with faux japanese packaging. Here it is made up and being modelled by a very lucky egg.

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fork biscuits

adventure: chocolate and vanilla fork biscuits

ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, cocoa, vanilla essence

inspiration: i think the recipe is from Constance Spry. Afternoon tea was required! I made the vanilla batch and meeper made the chocolate batch.

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